1 week away!!

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We're one week away from the start of the 2023 Islands Clean Up Events - 2 day event at Gambier and Anvil!!

Make sure you check out what we're collecting see on the right for more info and below for the quick notes

Register for any of the special items we're collecting (paint, propane tanks, tires or car batteries) even if you participate via land event. If you don't register it makes harder for us to plan for enough space.

Flag stop registrations are required to make sure we don't miss you and if something impacts the event timing we can get a hold of you.

Use the registration form linked here or can be found above

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at infrastructure@scrd.ca.

Friendly reminders:

  1. Don’t leave your stuff at the site beforehand. You’ll make it hard for us to set up and we won’t be loading it for you.
    Anything we don’t take will be left behind.
  2. We will be collecting the following items (see info package for more details).
    have a special item? Pre-register it!
  • Garbage – common items large plastics like broken lawn chairs, ceramics (please be careful if broken these are extremely sharp – last year I saw some things I do not wish to see again)
  • Scrap metal – appliances, empty cans and scrap
    • not taking fridges or freezers
    • yes to ovens/stoves, washers, dryers, hot water tanks and bbqs (why are there always so many of these….)
  • household recycling – think blue bin recycling from the mainland – MUST BE CLEAN and SORTED or we’re throwing them away
    • separate into the following groupings, can be clear bagged, boxed or loose – we will have bags if needed
      • rigid plastics containers – eg. Yogurt cups, drink bottles, margarine tubs
      • paper – all paper except cardboard. Eg magazines, printed paper, cereal boxes
      • paper cartons – e.g/ drink boxes, soup cartons, milk cartons
      • cardboard on it’s own (don’t know the difference? Google cardboard vs boxboard. Boxboard goes with paper
      • plastic bags and wrappings – eg. The inner bags of cereal boxes, grocery bags, bread bags, chip bags, candy wrappers
      • Styrofoam – if you can separate colour we’ll sing your praises
      • Metal cans/tins – will go with the scrap metal
    • Glass – goes in the garbage (sorry)
  • Household batteries – think your triple AAA or double A
    • Take them out of your appliances first pretty please, we don’t want to be the reason the landfill gets set on fire, thank you!
    • All Lithium, or Lithium Ion (Li) NEED to be taped
    • Laptop and phone batteries also need to be taped
  • Special items
    • Tires – Passenger or light truck, can have P, PT, L or LT on the side
      • NO RIMS
      • Styrofoam ok
    • Car batteries – anything like it, whether you use for solar panels, your golf cart or even your cart
      • TAPE THE TERMINALS – someone got zapped 2 years ago, wish to avoid fires thank you!
    • Propane tanks – empty and 25lbs or less
      • We will not take any that still have propane
    • Paint – household, architectural – if it says industrial we ain’t taking it.
      • If liquid it has to have a lid.
      • Needs the label
      • If it’s empty or dried it can go in garbage or metal – depends on what the can is made of, doesn’t need a lid in this case
      • There is a very large list of what we take and what we don’t.

  1. NOT TAKING 2023 fridges, freezers, mattresses, boxsprings, marine debris like beach foam (see below for more details on this one), boats, cars, vehicles, anything bigger than 12ft in any dimension. Fridges/freezers and mattresses/boxsprings will be next year.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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