How is the Gray Creek water source currently used?

    The SCRD needs approval for use from Vancouver Coastal Health, each summer, when the creek water quality meets testing standards, prior to chlorination. This is typically when water supply conditions reach Stage 3 (acute) and Stage 4 (severe) in the Chapman Water System.

    Who regulates surface water and groundwater use in BC?

    The Province of BC grants licences and approvals in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Water Sustainability Act

    What is watershed modelling?

    Creek flow and watershed recharge areas will be studied to determine the total available water supply and the long term viability of the source.

    What water infrastructure currently exists at Gray Creek?

    Water intake, sedimentation box, electricity, chlorination building, and water mains connected to the Chapman Water System.

    What water infrastructure may need to be improved or added?

    Water treatment plant equipment and building to permit year round water use.